From the headshot session with ©Hannes Caspar Photography


JAN 2023

Starting the new year with just as much strength (if not more!!) as we ended the last one! The video footage from last year’s/month’s workshop is cut and ready to be a new addition to my showreel! 🙂 Check it out!


Had a wonderful time at Sondos‘ Acting Workshop 🙂 It’s been so long since I’ve done a whole weekend workshop in person, it really builds a creative energy like nothing else! Thank you for this great start to the year 🙂

DEC 2022

Ending the year on a strong note with an incredible workshop by the BVR called Masterclass: Directing Actors, taught by Christian Wagner. What a wonderful experience with so many talented people, thank you for wrapping up the year in a bowtie 🙂

NOV 2022

I feel like I’m living a dream! I got my first role (and my very own trailer!!!) in a Mini-Series for Disney+ called „Deutsches Haus“!! Can’t wait to introduce you to Mrs. Papoulos! :)) (Also, I got to shoot in Poland, how cool is that?? It was the most amazing trip, the coolest set and simply the best experience!)


What a funny coincidence!! Just as I have discovered my film festival game, I win an instagram lottery to a film festival in Hagen! How fun! Had the best time with my amazing friend Angelina 🙂

OCT 2022

GUESS WHAT!! I got some new headshots!!! so happy to have worked with the incredible Hannes Caspar, thank you for this wonderful headshot session 🙂 Check it out!


I had the incredible honor to shoot a small documentary film with intimacy coordinator Florian Federl for the „reporter“ format by the German funk. SO important to spread awareness and information about IC’s, they’re changing the game :))


Had a wonderful time at the Filmfest Hamburg! Wow, what an honor to be an accredited actor at this incredible event and to get to meet so many talented and kind people!

SEPT 2022

So happy I have passionate and talented friends with whom I can just shoot a scene! hahah thank you Özen for being a great scene partner as always, and Elisa and Jonathan for you amazing directing/kamera/sound skills ❤ it’s so much fun to work with friends 🙂

FILM…. crew

Yes… You read that right. I was behind the camera on this one, as an assistant director, for a short film called „Mütterlich“ by Deep Dakshy! I must say it was a very new experience to not be an actor on set, and even though it was a fun group, cool project and nice location, I can say without a doubt, that I prefer to be in front of the camera! hehe 😀

AUG 2022

Got to do some Voice Over work for „The Swarm“! The studio was in Babelsberg, it’s always such a fun time driving out there 🙂

JULY 2022

That’s right, this month is all about taking care and relaxing 🙂 I’ve been taking part in a bunch of wonderful workshops form many different schools, I don’t mention it so much anymore, but usually 1-2 times a week there’s some kind of film/casting/acting workshop I’m doing right now 🙂 and because of that – a vacation is well deserved ❤

JUNE 2022

I’m so excited, happy and honored to annouce that I have officially signed with the coolest agency ever, from now on feel free to contact my agent!! Marmulla & Rudolph


I finally had the opportunity to go to the Filmfest Munich!!! As an accredited actor! :)) I know it’s not that unusual but it makes me so happy to go to all these cool networking events with my friends! And everyone is so passionate about film/acting/art, I love these environments 🙂

MAY 2022

Our original play „SCHMERZEN.SPRECHEN.NICHT“ is being revived at Theater Verlängertes Wohnzimmer! We are so excited to start rehearsals again for our performances on June 3rd and June 4th! Hope to see you there 🙂


WOW, I had the BEST time at the Green Actors Lounge by Your.Era!! It was simply fantastic to meet so many wonderful people and participate in two workshops:

  • Präsenz vor der Kamera mit Beate Maes
  • Finanzen für Künstler mit Alexander Martschewski
APR. 2022

I got to work on two more projects with my favorite Aufnahmeleiterin Sonja Heitmann :)) She is simply fantastic and has brought me on board of such incredible projects! In November we recorded for the RTL-Film „Der Rebell – Von Leimen nach Wimbledon“ about Boris Becker! What’s coming up next is still a secret 😉


I had the pleasure to work on yet another MET Film School project, this time a lovely short film by Elisa Ward in which I had the pleasure of portraying the main character

MAR. 2022

I had the pleasure to work on a fantastic MET Film School project! A commercial directed by Hiram Harrington shot by Jad Saabi at Poison Bar in Kreuzberg


Another great month for combat workshops! Another one by Roland Hauprich in the books as well as one by Thomas Schubert

FEB. 2022

Everyone!!! I’m SO excited to announce that I’m part of the ZAV Agency! Been looking forward to working with them for a while now 🙂


Headshots are shot and ready! What a pleasure it was to work with Urban Ruths! He is a spectacular photographer 🙂

JAN. 2022

New year, new headshots coming up soon!


FINALLY finished filming my About Me Video!! It was a lot of fun and is now available on every Casting Website. Check it out here:


The revival of „Ka im Grab“ was very successful! Thank you to everyone who came out to see us 🙂
We are planning to tour in Tehran, Iran, more information soon!


Had the pleasure to join the four day intensive workshop in Athens on Stanislavski technique, text analysis and the studio method with ANDREAS MANOLIKAKIS, member of the Board of Directors of the Actors Studio and former Chairman (2006-2020) of the Actors Studio Drama School (Master of Fine Arts) Program at Pace University in New York City.

DEC. 2021

3…2…1… FIGHT
Joining a special workshop taught by Roland Hauprich this month! Solo Baston, double stick and disarming techniques.
I’m ready to kick some a…!


Revival Performances of „Ka im Grab“ are happening on January 15th and 16th at 8pm! We have rented the stage at the Berliner Schule für Schauspiel once more. Hope to see you there 🙂

NOV. 2021

Got cast for a Comedy Central Mini Mocks Series!! I can’t reveal too much yet, but it will stream some time mid December and once more on December 24th on COMEDY CENTRAL GERMANY and COMEDY CENTRAL POLAND.
Directed by David Waltl (DE) and Maciej Rolbiecki (PL)


Booked for a US English Voice Over in the upcoming RTL Film about Boris Becker: „Der Rebell – Von Leimen nach Wimbledon“


Had the pleasure to hold a panel talk with Paula Alamillo Rodriguez at the FFF (f*ck for future) conference (Konferenz zur Lage des Sexuellen im Film), talking about the history and meaning of intimacy coordination and its importance in German Film and TV.

OCT. 2021

Working on the short film „Road Back“ inspired by Dontnod’s videogame „Life is Strange“ directed by Chloe S. and Eva M. T.
Shooting at Potsdam University


Working on a Music Video again, this time for Daria Sofia Chepel! Fighting and choreographing this time

SEP. 2021

Shooting for „MUNICH MATCH“ directed by Philipp Kadelbach officially started and I’m very happy to be a part of this project!


New Resume and Website design are live! New headshots coming soon 🙂

AUG. 2021

Something I’ve been working on for the past few months is finally coming to life!

I was hired as an Intimacy Coordinator for a new Sky Series! Can’t tell what yet, but I also can’t wait for shooting to start!

JULY 2021

Very excited to share some voice over news again! I’m doing the Greek/German with Greek accent voice over for a character in the Film „Beckett“ directed by Ferdinando Cito Filomarino!

JUNE 2021

Excited to be training in a Workshop again!

„Chubbuck and Choices“ and „Casting training“ with Tim Garde!


I finally got my drivers license!! You can book me now for any job that requires driving a car! 🙂

MAY 2021

The wait is over!!! We finally have a set date to perform our play „Ka im Grab“ on June 12th and 13th! For now it’s time for more rehearsals!! 🙂


Commercial Voice Over for „Bemer“! Thank you to Agentur Stimmgerecht !

APR. 2021

Music Video for Sebastian Blocks new song „Fenster“

Check it out here!


Very excited to teach two workshops in Leipzig for the cast of „Female* violent fantasies“.

Workshop 1: Introduction to Intimacy
Workshop 2: Introduction to Acting Techniques

MAR. 2021

New casting booked! Music video in the making, stay tuned!

FEB. 2021

Shooting for „3 Colours of Life“ has wrapped!! Check out on set pictures here.


New headshots! Huge thank you to Kim for the lovely pictures.

JAN. 2021

Shortfilm „3 Colours of Life“ by Kirill Milkus is currently in Flamenco rehearsals and fittings with Tim Olcay and Lydia Georgantzi – obviously while keeping a safe distance and wearing masks. Only a few more weeks until we start shooting!


The premier and performances for „Ka im Grab“ by Anoush Azizi have been postponed to the 9th of April until the 11th of April.
For directions, performance times and more information click here.


Exclusive behind the scenes footage from my Fight Reel shoot is now available for your enjoyment! Check it out here.

DEC. 2020

Got cast for Kirill Milkus‘ short film „3 Colours of Life“.


New Demo Reels! Shot with the amazing Mumukuba Film in Essen. Finally a fight reel and a scene in German! Check them out here.

NOV. 2020

I’m incredibly excited to announce my collaboration with AGENTUR STIMMGERECHT ! I recorded some truly amazing voice-over demos with the charming Philip Hansmann and I can now be booked for various voice over work through their website. Check out my profile here.


Casting booked!! Currently in rehearsal for „Ka im Grab“ by Anoush Azizi as one of the leads – Rahil. I’m very happy to be working with such a strong group of women as we explore the dilemmas of womanhood.

AUG. 2020

Master Class with the one and only EUGENIO BARBA and JULIA VARLEY at the National Theatre of Greece in Athens.


My US English Demo Reel is finally online! Thanks a lot to Kevin Chiu and Ken Westrick for the collaboration

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